Woodbridge Township
Do Not Drop Registration Page

Fill in the blanks below to be added to our Do Not Drop List.
First Name:
Last Name :
House Number:
Zip Code:

I wish to have the following unsolicited publication or types of
publications be delivered only within 10 feet of my front entrance.

Ledger Express (1-888-782-7533):

Sentinel (1-800-989-9969): YES NO
Business Advertisments: YES NO
Political Advertisments: YES NO
Religious Advertisments/Solicitations: YES NO
Charitable or Non-Profit Solicitation: YES NO

NOTE: Registering for “Do Not Drop” will not stop delivery of the publication. Publications will continue to be delivered within the 10 foot drop zone of the front entrance.
To cancel delivery, you must contact the publication (See specific publication for phone number.)